House Rules

We are so happy that you have joined us and are part of this CrossFit family. This is a community. That means we work together to make this place as awesome as possible. These are humorous yet serious tips and rules to make this experience the greatest for you and all your fellow athletes:

Be early, not late.  Be courteous to others and respect their time.
We typically have the workout programmed for exactly an hour. This includes enough time to warm up and transition between segments. Coaches want to make sure that all athletes have the opportunity to get through all segments of class without needing to wait for those people who were late.

Check your ego at the door. Remember that there are people of all abilities in CrossFit. This doesn’t mean you are better or worse. This means you are unique. Remember your goals, what you need to work on and why you are here working out. While friendly competition is great, don’t hurt yourself trying to do things your body is not ready for, check with coaches and train appropriately and you will progress appropriately. 

Listen to your coaches, or at least be courteous enough not to talk and distract others while they are talking. Pay attention when they are explaining workouts. Even if you are a veteran and have done the movements many times before don’t distract attention for the newer members who may need the instruction. You never know, you may learn something new.

Clean up.  Put away your toys. You get it out, you put it away. Be courteous and respectful with your equipment. This includes chalk. Take the time to look around and make sure everything you brought out on the floor is put back. This helps coaches and other athletes be ready for the next class and focus on what is important, TRAINING. 

Chalk stays in the chalk bucket.  Don’t take it on a field trip around the gym, don’t use it to write on the floor. Hand chalk is extremely hard to clean up. Hand chalk is for hands, writing chalk is for writing. (If you’re not sure which is which, please ask!)

Respect our equipment.  Drop as a last resort. Control your barbell and weights. DO NOT DROP Barbells without black bumber plates, Kettlebells, and Dumbells. If you can’t control it safely, you probably should not be using that heavy of weights.

Kids stay in the kids room. For multiple reasons, but most importantly safety to them and fellow athletes. Your kids see you and only you and don’t see another athlete losing a weight from overhead about to come crashing down on them as they scurry across the floor to you.  If you bring children please make sure they can utilize the kids room on their own or can get your attention by standing on the side and not coming on the workout floor. Coaches are not babysitters, however if a child endangers themselves or another athlete please do not be surprised when we step in for the safety of all those involved. We care, that’s why.

Bring things to our attention. Help us out. If you notice that equipment is broken, lights are out, there’s no toilet paper, bring it to our attention so we can do something about it. We may not notice right away but with your help we can keep this please clean, tidy and running smoothly for you.

Try hard.  Effort earns respect. It doesn’t matter if you need to modify or how fast you get the workouts done. Do the work you are capable of and be proud of that accomplishment. Even if you have a frustrating workout, be proud that you came in and worked on a weakness, this will make you better for the next time it comes around!

Don’t cheat.  No one cares what your score was.  Everyone cares if you cheated. No one will respect a cheater. It is extremely easy to spot, especially to coaches or seasoned athletes so don’t be that person. There is a difference between modifying reps or movements and deliberately not counting correctly as to seem better than you are. There is no shame in modifying. There is no respect in cheating or cutting out reps or shorting movements just to try to keep up with others. (Go back to checking your ego at the door.)

Learn how to count. If you don’t know, go back to the number you were sure of and start there. 

Come to class. Show up. You won’t see results if you don’t come. 

Don’t coach others. Unsolicited coaching is always a bad idea. Coaches are trained and here to help. Please let them do the coaching. We’re not saying don’t be helpful and offer advice if other athletes ask you. If you’re not sure, point it out to a coach and let them be the ones to address the issue.